Born in the North East of Yorkshire Linda showed an aptitude for drawing and painting at an early age with much encouragement from her parents. She attended Scarborough College of Art which had a fine reputation and took her degree in Fine Art at Wolverhampton College of Art and Design from 1967-1970.


She met Roger Garland at the same art college and together developed a secret passion for the PreRaphaelites and the Symbolists visiting major art galleries to stare at 'real art'. Together they began experimenting with the painting techniques of the Old Masters and saw book illustration as a future way of employing their newly found skills.


In 1976 Linda was introduced to fellow illustrator Patrick Woodroffe who gave her contact numbers for illustrators agents in London. As a result Linda and Roger joined Young Artists, one of the top London Agencies and began a long career as freelance illustrators working for a variety of international and U.K. publishing companies. One of her first commissions were single and double page spreads for A Tolkien Bestiary by David Day published by Mitchell Beazley and the cover art for The Complete Guide to Middle Earth by Robert Foster published by Granada Books. Linda worked mainly in the fantasy and mythological genre during this period of her career.


In 1989 Linda and Roger established Lakeside Gallery which houses the permanent Tolkien illustrations by Roger and the original paintings by both artists .Due to the positive response to the gallery and having an extensive archive of their published work they set up Lakeside Gallery Publishing producing limited edition prints, books and art cards.The gallery continues to be a successful vehicle for their diverse creativity.




Born 1950 and spent his childhood living in a small village on the Somerset Levels in the south west of England in sight of Glastonbury Tor. At the age of thirteen his family moved to Cornwall and it is in Cornwall he still lives, works, and plays surrounded by green fields.


In 1968 - 69 Roger studied art at Plymouth College of Art . In 1968 - 1971 he took his degree in Graphic Design at Wolverhampton College of Art and here he met his wife and fellow illustrator Linda. From 1972 - 1984 he taught art in Cornwall and began his career in illustration. From 1980 he was represented by Young Artists, a major illustrators' agent in London, it was through their contact that he was first commissioned to illustrate the titles of J R R Tolkien, David Gemmel and Mike Jeffries.


Throughout the 80's Roger created many illustrations (150+) for the Tolkien titles including The Hobbit, Lord of The Rings, Unfinished Tales and the Silmarilion, his Tolkien Illustrations have been published worldwide by all the major publishers. In 1990 he fully illustrated Tolkien's Adventures of Tom Bombadil, The Smith of Wootton Major and The Farmer Giles of Ham for Unwin Hyman London.


In 1989 he with Linda established Lakeside Gallery to house a permanent Tolkien Collection and to exhibit their work. From it's success they went on to set up Lakeside Gallery Publishing producing limited edition prints, books and greeting cards of their stunning artwork.


Roger continues to be creative and works in collaboration with Linda on many projects full of imagination and symbolism.